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"Isahit helps Sodexo's Data Lab annotate data including images, sound, video and text to build quality databases to accelerate the delivery of data driven solutions."

"Founded in January 2017, isahit is a social platform for outsourcing digital tasks that supports nearly 1,100 women in poverty in 24 countries (Africa, Asia, South America) by offering them to deal with digital tasks that cannot be achieved by AI."

"isahit, launched in 2017 and a member of the "tech for good" isahit stands out on two levels: the societal aim, as it works towards the professional integration of women in developing countries -by entrusting them with income-generating digital tasks-, and the technological innovation, as it is a digital platform and the missions carried out relate to learning algorithms, data, etc."

"Isabelle Mashola, a 58-year-old engineer, founded Isahit, which enables 10,000 women to make ends meet thanks to its platform for outsourcing digital tasks for sites of multinationals such as L'Oréal or Orange."

"Isabelle Mashola, president of isahit, argues for putting tech at the service of people, in the manifesto for human-sized technology."

"Isahit is a French company based out of Paris which is a socially responsible platform for outsourcing digital tasks. The company was launched in 2017 by Isabelle and her co-founder Philippe Coup-Jambet and brings together an international community of over 1000 workers spread across 32 countries in Asia, Africa and South America."

"Gojob decided to entrust Isahit, which develops and deploys a crowdsourcing platform, with part of its back-office activities to improve its user experience."

"The ManoMano group, European leader in online DIY, home and garden, entrusts isahit, a socially responsible startup, with its back-office activities to improve its user experience."

"The platform specialises in digital task outsourcing for artificial intelligence and data processing. Its characteristic is to be a socially responsible company."

"Thanks to this online work, these women receive additional income of up to 300 euros. They are also supported by Isahit in the realisation of their short-term life projects. Most of them manage to finance their Master's studies themselves or are saving for self-financing in entrepreneurship."

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