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Our annotation services

Image annotation

Teach your autonomous vehicles, drones and other computer vision solutions to interpret images and videos using high-quality annotated data.

Our platform combines a full range of annotation tools: 

  • Bounding Box
  • Polygon
  • Lines and Points
  • 3D Cuboid
annotation image bounding box use case
video annotation use case

Video annotation

Annotation of video data is broadly similar to image annotation in deep learning models.

The main difference is that videos are treated as frame-by-frame image data.

We can annotate the objects of your choice in the most significant frames of your video sequences.


Image Segmentation

An image is a collection or set of different pixels.

Our tool groups pixels that have similar attributes using image segmentation.

This technique allows us to have a much finer understanding of the objects in the image.

Image segmentation use cases

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