Obtaining the best quality image annotation while respecting urgent deadlines: this is the challenge that isahit has been meeting for IBM for the past year

Also a leader in the field of AI & IOT thanks to their massive investments in research and quantum computing, IBM is now developing solutions for predictive maintenance that integrate computer vision models for automated visual inspection.

For the past year, isahit has been working with IBM on training these algorithms, helping them to obtain optimal quality annotations while respecting urgent deadlines so that the algorithms are as accurate as possible.

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Natural Language Processing

What is NLP technology and what is it used for ?

Present in our everyday applications, from Uber to Siri to automatic translators or any chatboat, Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a revolutionary technology that allows machines to understand and communicate with human language, thanks to AI.

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Stories of our HITers : Raymonde from Benin

Discover the testimony of Raymonde, HITer for more than 2 years, who looks back on her journey: from the difficulties of finding work in her city of Parakou in Benin, to her first digital projects at isahit, her first salary and the success of her project.

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Summer reading 2021

The summer list

In this summer period, isahit has prepared a list of inspiring books and podcasts for you! An opportunity to escape by turning a few pages... On the agenda: a journey to the land of algorithms, the emergence of a new business model, an educational book to activate your talents...

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baloon x isahit

Innovation for inclusion - Baloon x isahit

We are very pleased to share with you the story of our collaboration with Baloon, the first pan-African digital insurance broker, with whom we share the same goal: to foster digital inclusion in Africa. 

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Types of image annotation

Image annotation in machine learning or deep learning, is the process by which images are labelled or classified using text or annotation tools, or both, allowing an artificial intelligence system (a robot, machine or automated system, etc) to recognise features of data by...

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