Data processing

Send us your raw data and we will transform it so that you can use it

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Our data enrichment services

Content Moderation

Do you have content to control but too much to handle yourself?

Have our crowd of HITers do it for you in near real time with a solution tailored to your needs.

content moderation use case
product catalogue enrichment use cases

Product Catalog Enrichment

Do you want to enrich your catalogue while detailing your products?

We fill in your product sheets while respecting good SEO practices (meta tag, alt, etc.)

Send us your files and we will transcribe your data onto the medium of your choice.

KYC & KYB management

Do you want to get rid of the time-consuming control of official documents?

Thanks to the provision of a secure URL, your customers' documents are transferred directly to our platform.

Our HITers can validate them in real time.

KYC and KYB management use cases
database enrichment use cases

Enrichment of databases

Do you need to enrich your databases?

We can connect directly within your CRM through secure logins and a selected view or we can complete your data within our platform with the support of your choice.

Data entry

Don't have the time or resources to do data entry?

Entrust us with your data to be entered or transcribed and we will do it without error on the medium of your choice.

We can handle a wide range of file formats.

data capture use cases
customer service management use cases

Customer Service Management

Would you like to delegate the management of your1st level customer service?

We can create afirst level to handle simple and generic requests.

In this way, the volume of simple requests is handled quickly, and we redirect the more complex tickets and requests to your company.

Content writing

Are you planning to write a large amount of content for SEO purposes?

We write short articles for you according to your needs: blog article from a topic, recipes from the kitchen from a procedure to follow, summary of the news, product sheet, etc...

content writing use cases
video subtitling use cases

Video captioning

Do you need to translate your videos into several languages?

Have your videos quickly subtitled by a community of HITers speaking 8 languages.

Your videos are distributed to all our HITers according to their skills and we send them back to you translated within a week.

Photo editing

Do you want to edit your photo bank?

Send us your media and we will take care of training our community.

We can also provide the necessary tools for your retouching needs.

photo editing use cases

Why choose isahit?

Opt for an agile technology platform for working with artificial intelligence, augmented by human intelligence.


Customized training
of our HITers on your projects & intelligent quality control integrated in the platform.


Dialogue with an agile team, without intermediaries. Our platform adapts to your projects in a few clicks.


Intelligent platform and secure API (Application Programming Interface) that adapts to your requirements.


Back Office Client to monitor the evolution of the project with privacy management and control of personal data.

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