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Our NLP services

text annotation

We can extract specific information from a text for you to train your computer vision model to recognise certain properties.

Our platform uses several methods to cover all use cases:

  • Entity Annotation
  • Keyphrase Tagging
  • Text Classification
  • Sentiment Annotation
Text annotation - NLP chatbot training
Audio transcript NLP use case

Transcription and audio annotation

Do you want to transcribe your audio data in several languages?

We can transcribe telephone conversations for you and provide them in text format.

We can collect and translate voice data in many languages and dialects, accents, regions and voice types.

OCR Transcript

Is your AI still unable to recognise all handwritten documents?

Training an OCR text recognition model requires a large amount of data.

Depending on the type of data you have collected, your files may need to be processed before being passed to your algorithm.

Pass them on to us and we will complete your AI tasks.

OCR reading NLP use case

Why choose isahit?

Opt for an agile technology platform for working with artificial intelligence, augmented by human intelligence.


Customized training
of our HITers on your projects & intelligent quality control integrated in the platform.


Dialogue with an agile team, without intermediaries. Our platform adapts to your projects in a few clicks.


Intelligent platform and secure API (Application Programming Interface) that adapts to your requirements.


Back Office Client to monitor the evolution of the project with privacy management and control of personal data.

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