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isahit has been a member of the Global Impact Sourcing Coalition since 2018, the global network of companies that create jobs for disadvantaged populations. By engaging with the GISC, isahit guarantees its support before the end of 2020 to 3,350 people who previously lacked the resources to get good jobs in order to access formal employment.

With nearly two billion people living below $2 a day in the world, poverty remains one of the major challenges of our generation. Of these 2 billion people, 70% are women, affected by inequalities in their professional and personal lives. This gap is very visible in the digital world, where women are very poorly represented because they do not have access to the necessary training.

The role of digital technology as a very important vector of growth and development for the decades to come is today indisputable. Faced with this observation, isahit has developed a solution to enable the greatest number of young talents, who have little or no means and opportunities, to train and connect to digital, through work and education.

With its digital platform, isahit is part of a concept called "Impact Sourcing": socially responsible outsourcing.

The challenge for isahit is to give birth to an innovative and responsible model, enabling the development of skills, the connection of people to each other and the improvement of living conditions for the most disadvantaged populations in the countries where the company operates, thanks to digital technology.

We connect workers, called hiters or hiteuses (Hit: Human Intelligent Task), mainly women from emerging and developing countries (Africa, Asia, Latin America) with international companies seeking to outsource digital projects.

The outsourcing of digital projects in developing countries where isahit operates has a twofold interest. Indeed, it allows companies to have an innovative solution at a competitive price and to participate in a responsible project that can be part of their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy. By trusting isahit, companies enable local populations in the developing countries concerned to considerably increase their purchasing power and contribute to making the daily lives of thousands of people in the world a better place.

Isahit has 2 main objectives (1 and 8 of the ODDs) which are based on the "Isahit" model17 sustainable development goals to save the world", defined by the United Nations in 2015:


OBJECTIVE #1 - No poverty :

  • Offer flexible and trainer work in the form of additional income, on demand to female heirs to meet the needs of female students, entrepreneurs or unemployed.
  • Support the heirs in their administrative procedures thanks to the Isahit Help program: opening a bank account, formal declaration of their activity to the local commercial register, etc.
  • To fight poverty and improve the living conditions of the population in emerging countries, through digital technology and remuneration in the form of additional income.

GOAL #2 - Decent work and economic growth :

  • The objective of isahit within 5 years is to offer work opportunities to more than 10,000 people in order to impact 40,000 people worldwide.
  • Enable more women in the world to move from the informal to the formal economy through the legalization of their self-employment status and career plans.