AI, the key to tomorrow's autonomous car

Artificial intelligence (AI), a term coined in 1955 by James McCarthy, is increasingly present in our daily lives: in e-commerce, online search, personal digital assistants and even autonomous cars. Its aim is to enable computers or machines to think and act like people.

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ethical dilemmas and artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence, an ethical dilemma

Artificial intelligence is increasingly present in our daily lives today. It plays an important role in the lives of billions of people. Sometimes unnoticed but with visible consequences, artificial intelligence is transforming society. It calls into question the human being and human values. The development of these new technologies presents many challenges.

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Isahit continues its international development and opens up to Europe

Newsletter May 2021: see the newsletter in your browser Launched in 2017, the socially responsible digital task outsourcing platform bridges the gap between artificial intelligence and human intelligence. The startup is continuing its international development. Isahit is present in Africa, Asia, South America and now in Europe. 🎉 A model...

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France 24: Gig Economy with isahit, a job opportunity for women

The Gig economy is a growing model worldwide. With the emergence of collaborative platforms, micro-work and the number of self-employed people will continue to explode between now and 2035, particularly in developing countries. France 24 interviewed Isabelle Mashola, CEO of isahit on the subject in the Gros mot...

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Isahit Digital Academy: digital at the right school

Newsletter April 2021 View the newsletter in your browser Isahit goes further in the training and support of its HITers with the launch of the Isahit Digital Academy. A programme that follows them from their registration to the completion of their project, always in a spirit of mutual support and community. Presentation. Since its inception, isahit...

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