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ORANGE ENTREPRENEUR CLUB – isahit, 2nd place of the social entrepreneur award 2018

For those who have been following us for some time, you know, isahit won 2nd place for the award of the social entrepreneur 2018 Orange which took place on 14 November 2018, in South Africa. We were represented by our Huber from Côte d'Ivoire, OBIN Guiako during this contest which rewards the best projects of innovative and responsible companies in Africa and the Middle East.

Discover the reasons for our participation in this contest during the meeting betweenIsabelle Mashola, co-founder and CEO of isahit and the Entrepreneur Club d'Orange.

isahit, tech for good française offers companies a digitalimpact platform in self-service mode or via a programmatic interface (API), for the processing of digital tasks that cannot be supported by a artificial intelligence. It gives digital work to over 800 women across 17 countries and has the ambition to set up in 25 countries of francophone and Anglophone Africa and Asia end 2019 and to bring together 10,000 HITers to generate a social impact among 40,000 people, within 3 to 4 years.

Why did you choose to participate in the Orange Prize for social entrepreneur (POESAM)?

Isahit corresponds well to what this prize represents: innovative project, using mobile money for a stronger digital inclusion and whose objective is to improve the living conditions of people in Africa.

In a nutshell the POESAM is...
It is first and foremost a very good visibility with the Orange network and its partners. Then it is a beautiful financial reward that really helped us in our international development and finally it is a recognition for projects that operate for a better and fairer world.

Source: Orange entrepreneur Club