Ethical Data Labelling Platform
for AI Training & Data Processing

Much more than a labelling platform

We have built a robust AI training platform with a "Human in the loop" approach. With our annotation and data processing tools, and our machine learning and data processing experts, you'll get fast and quality results.

Computer vision

Train your AI with our expert HITers in annotation.

Enrich your text, image, audio and video data. Bounding Box and Polygons, image segmentation, annotation by lines, points and 3D visualizations, take advantage of our complete platform to obtain clean and exploitable data sets.

Mockup platform Computer vision
Mockup Natural Language Processing

Natural language processing

Train your NLP technologies to understand human language.

Enrich your text and audio data with our community of HITers specially trained to process human language data.


Use your data efficiently and quickly.

We provide our expert data processing community to offer you clean and useful datasets for your business as soon as possible.


Why choose isahit?

Opt for an agile technology platform for working with artificial intelligence, augmented by human intelligence.


Customized training
of our HITers on your projects & intelligent quality control integrated in the platform.


Dialogue with an agile team, without intermediaries. Our platform adapts to your projects in a few clicks.


Intelligent platform and secure API (Application Programming Interface) that adapts to your requirements.


Back Office Client to monitor the evolution of the project with privacy management and control of personal data.

Solutions adapted to each need

Our intelligent platform and your dedicated agile team adapt to your requirements and the challenges of your industry.

Discover all the use cases

Vincent Arcin Data Labeling L'Oréal

Vincent A, L'Oréal

"Image annotation is a crucial step in the construction of our services. Flexible, creative and attentive to our needs, the isahit team brings us undeniable added value in our ability to innovate rapidly."

Maxime Marembaud Data Labeling Sodexo

Maxime M, Sodexo

"Sodexo is partnering with isahit to accelerate the group's digital transformation. Isahit is helping us with data cleaning and annotation to train our computer vision algorithms. The quality of the annotations, the timeliness and the expertise of isahit are impressive!"

Jeff Faudi Data Labeling Airbus

Jean-François FAirbus

"After discovering them in the Airbus BizLab, we can no longer do without isahit's services, which provide us with a real ethical and societal guarantee for our outsourcing (labelling) projects of the same quality."

Isahit impact sourcing : For a more ethical digital world

Together, let's make an impact

Isahit gathers an international community of more than 1,000 freelancers, called "HITers", spread over 3 continents (Africa, Asia and South America).

  • Do you have a concrete professional project to carry out in the short term or are you looking to pay for your higher education studies?
  • Are you looking for an income supplement (up to 300€ for a maximum of 100 hours of work per month)?
  • Do you live in one of the countries where the isahit community is distributed?
  • Would you like to carry out the digital tasks entrusted to you by our clients as a freelancer?

Apply and join our community of HITers!










Would you like to know more about our offers, our approach, our processes? Let's take the time to discuss your projects!